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List of Airports next to Yate

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 Bristol Filton Airport (FZO)(Located 12.15 Km)
Bristol Filton Airport (FZO) Charlton ,South Gloucestershire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Colerne Airport(Located 14.52 Km)
Colerne Airport Colerne ,Wiltshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club King’s Stanley ,Gloucestershire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Aston Down Airfield(Located 27.18 Km)
Aston Down Airfield Chalford ,Gloucestershire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Bristol International Airport (BRS)(Located 27.22 Km)
Bristol International Airport (BRS) Lulsgate Bottom ,North Somerset ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Kemble Airport(Located 28.66 Km)
Kemble Airport Kemble ,Gloucestershire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RAF Lyneham (LYE)(Located 29.63 Km)
RAF Lyneham (LYE) Clack ,Wiltshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Oaksey Park Airport(Located 29.65 Km)
Oaksey Park Airport Hankerton ,Wiltshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Wroughton Airfield(Located 42.76 Km)
Wroughton Airfield Wroughton ,Swindon ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Gloucestershire Airport (GLO)(Located 42.89 Km)
Gloucestershire Airport (GLO) Churchdown ,Gloucestershire ,England ,United Kingdom