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List of Airports next to Workington

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 Kirkbride(Located 34.52 Km)
Kirkbride Kirkbride ,Cumbria ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Carlisle Airport (CAX)(Located 57.34 Km)
Carlisle Airport (CAX) Irthington ,Cumbria ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Barrow Walney Island Airport (BWF)(Located 59.60 Km)
Barrow Walney Island Airport (BWF) Barrow ,Cumbria ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Blease Hall(Located 67.18 Km)
Blease Hall Gatebeck ,Cumbria ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RAF Spadeadam(Located 78.02 Km)
RAF Spadeadam Gilsland ,Northumberland ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RAF West Freugh(Located 92.90 Km)
RAF West Freugh East Freugh ,Dumfries and Galloway ,Scotland ,United Kingdom 
 Blackpool International Airport (BLK)(Located 102.33 Km)
Blackpool International Airport (BLK) Marton ,Lancashire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Warton Airport(Located 108.51 Km)
Warton Airport Freckleton ,Lancashire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Birkdale Sands Airport(Located 115.70 Km)
Birkdale Sands Airport Southport ,Sefton (Borough) ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Glasgow Prestwick Airport (PIK)(Located 116.87 Km)
Glasgow Prestwick Airport (PIK) Monkton ,South Ayrshire ,Scotland ,United Kingdom