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List of Airports next to Wootton

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 Maypole Airport(Located 18.42 Km)
Maypole Airport Hoath ,Kent ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Kent International Airport (MSE)(Located 22.00 Km)
Kent International Airport (MSE) Manston ,Kent ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Challock Airfield(Located 24.67 Km)
Challock Airfield Charing ,Kent ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Lydd Airport (LYX)(Located 29.42 Km)
Lydd Airport (LYX) Lydd ,Kent ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Lashenden (Headcorn) Airfield(Located 37.49 Km)
Lashenden (Headcorn) Airfield Headcorn ,Kent ,England ,United Kingdom 
Farthing Corner/Stoneacre Farm Airport Bredhurst ,Kent ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Rochester Airport (RCS)(Located 50.97 Km)
Rochester Airport (RCS) Walderslade ,Kent ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Southend Airport (SEN)(Located 55.45 Km)
Southend Airport (SEN) Rochford ,Essex ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Clacton Airport(Located 67.96 Km)
Clacton Airport Clacton-on-Sea ,Essex ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Damyns Hall Aerodrome(Located 75.81 Km)
Damyns Hall Aerodrome Belhus ,Essex ,England ,United Kingdom