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List of Airports next to Woodhall spa

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 RAF Coningsby (QCY)(Located 7.32 Km)
RAF Coningsby (QCY) Coningsby ,Lincolnshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Wickenby Aerodrome(Located 20.36 Km)
Wickenby Aerodrome Lissington ,Lincolnshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RAF Waddington (WTN)(Located 20.65 Km)
RAF Waddington (WTN) Waddington ,Lincolnshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RAF Cranwell(Located 22.45 Km)
RAF Cranwell Cranwell ,Lincolnshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RAF Scampton (SQZ)(Located 28.26 Km)
RAF Scampton (SQZ) Brattleby ,Lincolnshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Strubby Airfield(Located 31.14 Km)
Strubby Airfield Withern ,Lincolnshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RAF Swinderby(Located 31.15 Km)
RAF Swinderby Bassingham ,Lincolnshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RAF Barkston Heath(Located 31.33 Km)
RAF Barkston Heath Ancaster ,Lincolnshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Binbrook Airfield (GSY)(Located 32.71 Km)
Binbrook Airfield (GSY) Croxby ,Lincolnshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Skegness (Ingoldmells) Aerodrome(Located 36.28 Km)
Skegness (Ingoldmells) Aerodrome Ingoldmells ,Lincolnshire ,England ,United Kingdom