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List of Airports next to Witchford

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 RAF Mildenhall (MHZ)(Located 19.21 Km)
RAF Mildenhall (MHZ) Mildenhall ,Suffolk ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Newmarket Heath Airfield(Located 19.60 Km)
Newmarket Heath Airfield Newmarket ,Suffolk ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Cambridge Airport (CBG)(Located 20.32 Km)
Cambridge Airport (CBG) Cherry Hinton ,Cambridgeshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RAF Wyton (QUY)(Located 21.53 Km)
RAF Wyton (QUY) Hemingford Abbots ,Cambridgeshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RAF Lakenheath (LKZ)(Located 24.18 Km)
RAF Lakenheath (LKZ) Lakenheath ,Suffolk ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Bourn Airport(Located 25.85 Km)
Bourn Airport Bourn ,Cambridgeshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RAF Alconbury(Located 28.89 Km)
RAF Alconbury Little Stukeley ,Cambridgeshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Peterborough Business Airport(Located 32.24 Km)
Peterborough Business Airport Holme ,Cambridgeshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Duxford Airport (QFO)(Located 33.27 Km)
Duxford Airport (QFO) Duxford ,Cambridgeshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Little Gransden Airfield(Located 34.59 Km)
Little Gransden Airfield Great Gransden ,Cambridgeshire ,England ,United Kingdom