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List of Airports next to Winkleigh

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 Eaglescott Airfield(Located 8.71 Km)
Eaglescott Airfield Burrington ,Devon ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Royal Marines Base Chivenor Airport(Located 29.50 Km)
Royal Marines Base Chivenor Airport Chivenor ,Devon ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Brent Tor Airfield(Located 32.51 Km)
Brent Tor Airfield Brentor ,Devon ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Exeter International Airport (EXT)(Located 39.51 Km)
Exeter International Airport (EXT) Clyst Honiton ,Devon ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Plymouth City Airport (PLH)(Located 49.43 Km)
Plymouth City Airport (PLH) Crown Hill ,Devon ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Dunkeswell Airport(Located 49.65 Km)
Dunkeswell Airport Dunkeswell ,Devon ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Bodmin Airfield(Located 64.43 Km)
Bodmin Airfield Cardinham ,Cornwall ,England ,United Kingdom 
 MOD St. Athan (DGX)(Located 70.47 Km)
MOD St. Athan (DGX) Eglwys-Brewis ,The Vale of Glamorgan ,Wales ,United Kingdom 
 Merryfield Airfield(Located 71.53 Km)
Merryfield Airfield Ilton ,Somerset ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Cardiff International Airport (CWL)(Located 73.17 Km)
Cardiff International Airport (CWL) Rhoose ,The Vale of Glamorgan ,Wales ,United Kingdom