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In Bournemouth you'll find several airports that can serve as a point of arrival at United kingdom. Find out what they are, where they are and ensure the minimum price for your trip, changing the destination in your browser. So you'll see which option comes out the most.
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List of Airports next to Bournemouth (borough)

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 Bournemouth Airport (BOH)(Located 7.20 Km)
Bournemouth Airport (BOH) East Parley ,Dorset ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Compton Abbas Aerodrome(Located 33.64 Km)
Compton Abbas Aerodrome Melbury Abbas ,Dorset ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Old Sarum Airfield(Located 42.68 Km)
Old Sarum Airfield The Winterbournes ,Wiltshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RNAS Portland Heliport(Located 43.61 Km)
RNAS Portland Heliport Osprey Quay, Portland ,Dorset ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Southampton Airport (SOU)(Located 44.67 Km)
Southampton Airport (SOU) Eastleigh ,Hampshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Henstridge Airfield(Located 44.72 Km)
Henstridge Airfield Stalbridge ,Dorset ,England ,United Kingdom 
 RNAS Lee-On-Solent(Located 48.55 Km)
RNAS Lee-On-Solent Lee-on-the-Solent ,Hampshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 MoD Boscombe Down Airport(Located 48.95 Km)
MoD Boscombe Down Airport Boscombe ,Wiltshire ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Isle of Wight / Sandown Airport(Located 49.50 Km)
Isle of Wight / Sandown Airport Sandown ,Isle of Wight ,England ,United Kingdom 
 Fleetlands Heliport(Located 51.42 Km)
Fleetlands Heliport Bridgemary ,Hampshire ,England ,United Kingdom